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356! How to Build a Smart Mine? Guarantee Mine Safety?

Date: 2022-08-03 13:33:34

 Although there are many technologies used in mine safety today, data show that in 2021, there were 356 accidents in Chinese mines and 503 deaths. Among them, there were 91 coal mine accidents and 178 deaths; 265 non-coal mine accidents and 325 deaths. Although the casualties caused by mine accidents in 2021 are lower than that in 2020, the mining industry workers and production environment still face many threats.


We are deeply saddened by the casualties. Life is precious. How should mining companies reduce the incidence of mining accidents and reduce the loss of personnel and property? The editor believes that we should start from three aspects: geological data visualization, construction of an underground monitoring system and communication system, building a smart mine system to realize mine safety, visualization, and digitization.
Geological Data Visualization

Proverb: "Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will win a hundred battles". In the face of the complex and unknown geological structure, we need to achieve the more thorough perception of the target. Geological data visualization can solve this problem well.
Geological data is mainly obtained through drilling to obtain basic lithological information and sampling analysis data to obtain detailed stratigraphic information, such as formation name, formation thickness is generated through geological modeling to generate a three-dimensional quantitative stochastic model, and simulation experiments are carried out to formulate mining plans and reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Underground Monitoring System
By establishing an underground monitoring system, it is possible to dynamically monitor the concentration of carbon monoxide, flammable gas, wind speed, and ground pressure in the mine. Provide decision-making and command basis for underground safety management and refuge rescue.
The implementation of a downhole monitoring system relies on the application of fiber optic sensing. First of all, fiber optics have the characteristics of small size, low transmission loss, strong anti-electromagnetic interference, and large amount of information carried, even if it is used in mines, it will not be affected;  Secondly, the fiber optic sensing technology uses the physical properties of light when it propagates in the fiber optics to detect changes in temperature, gas concentration, sound, and vibration, and can promptly and keenly capture the emergence of downhole dangers. In addition, fiber optic sensing technology is also widely used in oil and gas, security, and other fields. Through the dangerous gas detection fiber optic sensing technology, the dangerous gas can be effectively and dynamically monitored, and measures can be taken to evacuate in time.

Communication System

The stability and reliability of the communication system are very important for mine operation and mine safety. Upgrading the communication system of mines through 5G FWA can achieve deeper interconnection, higher sharing, and smarter services. When danger occurs, risk avoidance decisions can be made quickly and accurately.

5G FWA is Fixed Wireless Access. Sun Telecom, which provides "systematic, end-to-end, one-stop"fiber optic total solutions and products for worldwide customers, believes that: FWA (Fiber+5G) is the most desirable use case for 5G. FWA is the process of accessing the internet on a fixed wireless broadband network. It is performed between two fixed locations and linked via fixed wireless access devices and equipment. 5G FWA is a cost-effective last-mile solution. Its products are characterized by low cost, easy installation, high reliability, high data rate, high security, low latency, and low energy consumption, and can provide ultra-high-speed broadband connectivity in urban, suburban, and rural areas, as well as more cost-effective and innovative service.

Geological data visualization, construction of underground monitoring system and communication system provide strong support for mine safety. At the same time, it provides the basic strength for the establishment of smart mines. While 5G and fiber optic technology help the construction of smart mines, it also accelerates the digital transformation of enterprises, reduces costs, improves the working environment of mines, and realizes fewer, unmanned, and transparent mine production.

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