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3D MEMS Optical Circuit Switch (OCS)

Date: 2019-09-29 15:02:04

01. What is 3D MEMS Optical Circuit Switch (OCS)
Sun Telecom's 3D MEMS optical circuit switch (OCS) is a proprietary optical switch that allows any of the inputs to connect to any of the outputs in a non-blocking optical cross-connect configuration. This innovative design is based on arrays of Sun Telecom's industry proven MEMS mirrors, which redirect light from the input fibers to the requested output fibers. 
02. Sun Telecom's full suite of Optical Circuit Switches

Complete portfolio of Optical Circuit Switches
SUN-OCS-640 series = (320x320) x2 way
Dimension (W x H x D): 445 x 620 x483 mm
SUN-OCS-320 series = 320x320 way
Dimension (W x H x D): 445 x 310 x483 mm
SUN-OCS-160 series =160x160 way
Dimension (W x H x D): 445 x 310 x483 mm
03. Core technology
(1) Core  Switch Technology

●  3D MEMS structure
    ●  Bulk MEMS
    ●  Electrostatic actuation
        ●  High voltage (100 V)
        ●  Low current (100 nA)
        ●  Low power (1 uJ)
        ●  Simpler manufacturing
●  1.5 dB median loss
●  Transparent from 1250 to 1620 nm
●  384 ports
●  Polarization independent
●  Bit rate independent
●  Wavelength independent

(2) MEMS Packaging
●  MEMS hermetically sealed 
●  Sealed cavity for fiber block connections
    ●  Temperature stabilized
    ●  Vibration isolated


(3) Optical Switch Assembly Process


04. Features
●  Proven MEMS Mirror Technology 
●  Excellent Repeatability 
●  Compact Form Factor
●  Bit rate independent, protocol agnostic, BIDI support
●  10, 40, 100, 200, 400 Gbit/s per port and beyond
●  Less than 1.5dB type insertion loss
●  Optical power monitoring on every port
●  25ms typical setup time 
●  Speed of light latency (<50ns)
●  Ultra low power (OCS-320: <45W; OCS-640 is <90W)
●  Automatic Protection Switching (APS) Support
●  WebGUI, NMS and REST/OpenFlow/SNMP/TL1 APIs available

Comparison table (1)
Item 3D MEMS Optical Circuit Switch Conventional Optical Switch
Switch Capacity Max: (320x320)x2
Max: 1x128
Type Insertion Loss
1.5dB for 320x320 way
2.0dB for 1x128 way
Repeatability ≥10^12
Optical Power Monitoring
Power monitoring on every port
Management Functions YES
WebGUI, NMS and REST/Open Flow/SNMP/TL1 APIs available

Comparison table (2)
3D MEMS Optical Circuit Switch Conventional Fiber Optic Terminal Box
Flexibility Allows any of the inputs to connect to any of the outputs in a non-blocking optical cross-connect configuration
10K fibers coming in, 10K fibers going out, need 10K patch cord in a typical 3000sq-ft fiber distribution center
Build-in input and output optical power monitors enable one snap view (remotely) of all connection failures
One fiber connection failure -> 4 possible check points without any build-in monitoring/alarms (manual checks required)
Dramatically reduce troubleshooting time and labor -> Reduce OPEX
Man hours/days of troubleshooting  when a failure occurs

05. Application

(1) Automation
●  Fully Automated Optical Patch Panel
●  Test Automation
Fully Automated Optical Patch Panel

Test Automation

(2) Carriers
●  Optical Transport
    ●  Software Defined Optical Network
    ●  Disaggregated Optical Transport
    ●  Disaggregated Router
●  Metro/Edge/Repeater Sites
    ●  Multi-tenant Connection Service Room (Meet Me Room)
    ●  Subsea Cable Landing
    ●  HD Video Distribution
    ●  Mobile Fronthaul (CRAN)
    ●  PON
    ●  Network Security


(3) Data Center
●  DCI
●  Inter-DC Applications
    ●  POD Virtualization (vPOD)
    ●  Compute Cluster Virtualization (vCluster)


Position : Home >Product News

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